Gutterline clean and maintain your gutters, to keep your weatherproofing system working well and protect the value of your property. If you are short on time, have physical limitations or feel daunted by the risks of working at the gutter line, allow us to be your property care partner.

Protect your insurance investment

Gutters are a vital part of your property and yet are often left neglected. This neglect can lead to damage from overflowing gutters, such as water marks on the ceiling or ceiling collapse, and corrosion of the drainage system. Pooled water and debris in the gutters can allow health issues to occur. If such damage is caused by a lack of maintenance your insurance policy may not cover you. If it is found that blocked or damaged gutters contributed to water or fire damage, your claim may be refused. Maintaining your gutters and roof will help avoid this.

All our operators are insured when working on your premises!

Why gutter cleaning is so important

Your weatherproofing system (i.e. gutters, valleys, downpipes & roof), if left neglected, can cause serious and extensive damage to your property. Here are some potential issues:
  • Your gutter could overflow, leaving water around the structure
  • Your ceiling may leak or get water stains
  • Electrical faults and rot to structural supports within the walls
  • Blocked or damaged gutters can provide fuel for a fire particularly in the case of bushfire
  • A blocked gutter will corrode very quickly. Once corrosion takes hold it can be very costly to repair and the system may need to be replaced
  • Pest infestation may occur where debris in the gutter encourages habitation by mosquitoes and if its damp even their larva, ants, cockroaches, spiders, worms and other pests
  • Blocked gutters may restrict water flow to your water tanks and debris can fill the tank and damage pumps
  • Having clean and well maintained gutters can alleviate some health concerns for the property owner. Mosquitoes carry disease, and rotting debris can cause mould leading to asthma and allergies in some
  • Keeping your gutter line clean is environmentally sound as it reduces debris in storm water systems.

Gutter overflowing with leaves

Gutter repair

We can assess your gutters for damage and carry out minor repair works while cleaning gutters, including:

  • Repair small holes or punctures to the gutters.
  • Plugging of screw holes to Colourbond or metal sheet roofing where the screws have been lost or rusted out.
  • Readjusting the fall of the gutters for correct drainage
  • Repair of minor tile cracks
  • Re-securing sagging gutters and downpipes
  • Minor concrete repairs to pointing and roof tiles.


Residential or commercial property

Quotes available on Residential, Commercial, Government, Real Estate Rentals, Body Corporate Properties, multiple storey and anything in between.

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