keeping leaves out of your gutters

There are quite a few products on the market for providing leaf barriers or gutter guards, though our preferred product by far is Brushguard.

As Brushguard is not fastened to your roof or gutters, removal, cleaning and re-installation is a breeze.

How Brushguard works

The threat of corrosion resulting from holes being made in the roof or gutter with screws, or any other form of damage to the roof, is eliminated. A regular clean of the gutters is simplified as most debris is unable to get past the brush into the gutter.

The Brushguard prickly body deters birds, rats, mice, & snakes from entering the gutters and ceilings. This is a key point of access, so it reduces the opportunity for vermin to enter the roof in homes, sheds, & warehouses.

If you own a water tank and have Brushguard in the gutters, less silt is stirred up during heavy rainfall, as the Brushguard acts as a baffle to the flowing water, resulting in less mud in the tank and cleaner drinking water.

Suits all types of gutters

While the generic round Brushguard profile fits most domestic gutters, Enovee supply a range of different Brushguard shapes to suit those unusual gutter profiles.

A gutter clean should be done before an installation of Brushguard. We can supply and install the Brushguard at the same time a clean and check/repair of the gutter is carried out.

The things we love about Brushguard

  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • No glue or screws needed
  • 100% Australian made by Enovee
  • High quality, long life, material
  • Double UV treated polypropylene
  • Prickly body deters rodents & birds
  • Ideal for rainwater collection areas
  • Sizes to fit any gutter profile
  • 3-dimensional filter ability
  • Easy installation
  • Requires minimal cleaning
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