Our service includes…

Photos of completed work

Having photos supplies evidence of appropriate gutter cleaning and/or maintenance for your insurance policy, and gives you a Gutter cleaners eye view of completed work.

Condition report on job completion

The Condition report highlights any areas above the gutter line that may require further attention. This is provided after every job regardless of whether your a first time or regular customer and what kind of job it is whether it be gutter cleaning, installs or any other kind of maintenance above the gutter line.

Trimming of encroaching trees and shrubs

Where the natural flora is causing a problem with the gutters and drainage system of your property we can trim the offending plant to help keep the gutters free of this fire or blockage hazard. Call you local arborist for any extensive work.

Safety first

All of our operators are required to have OH&S training. Where the property exceeds a single level height, or the roof pitch is unusually sharp, safety harnessing will be used without additional cost to you the client. This is required in all avenues of work carried out while on a roof and is not exclusive to gutter cleaning.

A clean finish

We clean up any and all gutter debris. If you prefer, the natural mulch can be used for your garden, otherwise we’ll take it with us. No mess!

Insured operators

We are fully insured. All of our work is carried out under Public liability insurance for up to $20 million!

Maintenance program

A regular maintenance schedule is part of our customer care philosophy. Together we will set up an appropriate regular maintenance and/or gutter cleaning schedule and will contact you to organise our next visit.